Marketers—Create Personalized Experiences at Scale with an All-in-One Customer Platform

The Clutch Platform empowers brands to understand and adapt to changes in customer behavior, driving loyalty and generating more revenue over time.

  • Unify the Experience across all buying channels and marketing touch points

  • Uncover Critical insights based on all spend and non-spend behavior

  • Design Hyper-Relevant Engagements that motivate customers to take action

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Get More Revenue from Every Engagement

Drive Marketing ROI with Personalized Engagement

Drive Loyalty

Learn what consumers value most and personalize loyalty campaigns that drive desirable changes in behavior.

Protect Margin

Reduce reliance on discounts and monetary incentives. Instead, focus on creative ways to add value without sacrificing margin.

Elevate The Customer Experience

Integrated, real time data, automated campaigns and ongoing optimizations make personalization at scale a reality. 

Capture More Revenue

Smart, timely campaigns motivate guests to purchase more often and spend more when they do.

Improve Marketing ROI

Reward high-value customers while reducing unnecessary marketing spend on customers who are likely to churn.

Optimize Customer Lifetime Value

Identify and reward high value customers while managing churn with highly sensitive machine learning algorithms.

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